Iranian embassy’s security tapes
show suicide bombers’ faces

BEIRUT – Beirut’s Iranian embassy’s security videotapes clearly show the faces of the suicide bombers responsible for Tuesday blasts, LBC television reported on Wednesday.


The report added that a hand was found at the scene of the blast, which may identify one of the suicide bombers.


Meanwhile, MTV reported that the judicial police was informed of the Iranian embassy’s approval to let the Lebanese Armed Forces view some of the videotapes from the security cameras that recorded the two blasts.


Sources told Al-Jadeed television that the two suicide bombers were not Lebanese, were in their twenties, and were staying at a hotel in Beirut’s Verdun area.


They had in their possession fake identification cards and all the arrangements and equipment to execute the operation, sources added.


Two explosions rocked southern Beirut Tuesday morning near the Iranian embassy, killing over 25 people and injuring 147 others.


The bombings, the responsibility for which was claimed by the Al-Qaeda-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades, have drawn nation-wide and international condemnation.


Lebanon’s top officials and leaders of the major opposing political parties have denounced the attack, while Iran accused Israel of perpetrating the deadly blasts.

The two suicide bombers were not Lebanese.