Hezbollah fears more suicide attacks

BEIRUT - Hezbollah is concerned new suicide attacks emulating Tuesday's bombings outside the Iranian embassy in Beirut will target the Shiite party, Al-Joumhouria newspaper reported Wednesday.


“We fear that [news] suicide attacks might target [Hezbollah] headquarters and Shiite gatherings such as the [bombings] in Iraq," sources close to Hezbollah's leadership told the daily.


The sources also said that Tuesday’s attacks against the Iranian embassy heralded a “most dangerous” stage.


“It is the stage of suicide attacks that no measure could deal with.”


“[Hezbollah] will take exceptional measures, since everything has changed as this new stage requires new approaches,” the sources added.


The Shiite group’s concern was echoed by sources close to the Russian Foreign Ministry, who told Al-Joumhouria that the latest suicide attacks indicated that organizations close to Al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria had taken the decision to conduct terrorist attacks on Lebanese soil.


The sources also voiced concern over the risk of dragging Lebanon “into the Syrian furnace.”


“This will present a threat to the security of the whole region.”


Meanwhile, two March 14 officials voiced their concern over the implications of the suicide attacks against the Iranian embassy.


March 14 MP Marwan Hamadeh said in remarks published by Saudi daily Al-Yawm that the Beirut bombings were part of the plot to implicate Lebanon in the Syrian crisis.


He also implicitly accused Hezbollah of causing the upsurge in violence in Lebanon through its participation in the war raging in neighboring Syria.


In remarks to the same daily, Future Movement official Mustafa Alloush linked the Beirut attacks to the crisis in Syria, saying that the incidents were connected “to the reality in Syria and Iran’s entry into and occupation of Syria, as well as the help and support it is providing to the Syrian regime.”


He also warned that the security of Lebanon was under threat.


Two explosions rocked southern Beirut Tuesday morning near the Iranian embassy, killing at least 23 people and injuring 147 others.


The attack began when a suicide bomber riding a motorbike approached the Iranian embassy and detonated a five-kilogram bomb 25 meters away from the compound, a security source told NOW.


Two minutes later, a second suicide bomber detonated a Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV packed with approximately 60 kilograms of explosives. 

It is the stage of suicide attacks that no measure could deal with.

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