Syria regime hit by Hama
“tank massacre”

Rebels destroyed at least 15 armored vehicles.

A TOW missile races toward a regime tank. (YouTube/Division 13)

BEIRUT – The Syrian regime’s massive offensive in northern Hama has suffered an initial setback after a number of armored vehicles were destroyed in a melee of anti-tank guided missile fire that activist media dubbed a “tank massacre.”  


The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported that rebel fighters in the north Hama region had met the joint Russian-Syrian assault by targeting the attacking regime forces on the ground “with US-made TOW missiles… [and] other guided rockets, which caused the destruction… of over 15 armored cars, vehicles and tanks.”


The Syrian regime on Wednesday launched an offensive backed by intense Russian airstrikes along four axes of attacks starting from a line of government-controlled positions approximately 25-kilometers north of Hama.


The offensive aims to push back a rebel salient dipping toward Hama, with government forces aiming to seize the town of Lataminah in the southernmost section of the rebel lines.


Meanwhile, an attack was also launched further to the east to take Khan Sheikhoun as well as the Latamin and Sayyad heights, while another aimed for Atshan, and yet another further to the west set the town of Kafr Nabudah as a goal.


The following videos document the usage of TOW and other rocket systems by rebels during the fighting.


The Free Syrian Army-affiliated Division 13 destroys a tank near northern rural Hama’s Masasneh checkpoint with TOW rocket.



Division 13 destroys another tank near the Masaneh checkpoint.



Division 13 destroys a tank at the Sayyad frontline.



Division 13 destroys another tank at the Sayyad frontline.



The FSA-affiliated Righteous Knights Brigade destroys a tank on the Morek front.



The Righteous Knights Brigade destroys another tank on the Morek front.



The Army of Victory coalition’s Al-Ghab Falcons Gathering destroys a tank near the Al-Mgheer checkpoint.



The FSA-affiliated Al-Izza Gathering destroys a BMP infantry fighting vehicle near Morek with a Soviet-produced 9K111 Fagot wire-guided missile.



The Al-Izza Gathering destroys a tank with a tank with a 9K111 Fagot missile near Morek.



The Al-Izza Gathering destroys a tank with a TOW missile near the Maarkaba checkpoint.



The FSA-affiliated Division 46 destroys a 57 millimeter artillery unit near the Tel Othman checkpoint.


A TOW missile races toward a regime tank. (YouTube/Division 13)

  • Yttrium

    I guess the US supplying anti-tank rockets to terrorists in Syria must mean that its ok for others to do the same in Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, West bank\Gaza etc against US targets?

    October 13, 2015

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    WVD is a product of a (brain?)washed western outlook with limited vision beyond false glaze of corporate run societies filled with the illusions of righteous. The presumption that money gives (him)them the authority to decide what is "intellectual" is only surpassed by the sheer arrogance and naive ability of himself.

    October 11, 2015

  • WVD

    That's what these Salafist really are, cannon fodder for the US and Israel. But their intellectual level is to small to even start to understand it.

    October 9, 2015