Live Coverage: #YouStink protest

Anti-government #YouStink protests continue in Beirut

Protesters in Downtown Beirut (Source: Facebook/Eddy Asmar)

Anti-government protests continued in downtown Beirut for a second day Sunday, after a demonstration Saturday evening was suppressed by security forces with rubber bullets, tear gas canisters, water cannons, and even live bullets.


The demonstrations, organized by the Tol3et Ree7atkom ("You Stink") grassroots activist group, began as a response to a weeks-long garbage crisis but escalated this weekend into calls for the resignation of the cabinet, the holding of parliamentary elections, and the prosecution of members of the army, Internal Security Forces, and Parliamentary Guards who attacked protestors Saturday.


Below, NOW presents continuously-updated live coverage of Sunday's demonstrations in Riad al-Soleh Square.


[23:10] Activist Assaad Thebian to LBCI: "We decided to end today’s protests to preserve the safety of demonstrators."  

[23:08] NNA: Mohamad Kassir was shot Sunday by unknown assailants in downtown Beirut, at a place relatively far from the area of confrontation, and was rushed to the American University Hospital in critical condition.

[22:55] NNA: Security Forces have seized full control of Riad Solh Square, which is now free of demonstrators, leaving behind the effects of the fires and chaos, NNA correspondent reported.

[22:43] NNA: Internal Security Forces reported that 30 of its members have been injured as a result of the clashes that took place at Riad Solh Square on Sunday, one of whom is in serious condition.

[22:36] Lebanese Red Cross Operations Director George Kettaneh to LBCI: So far, the Red Cross has transported 37 injured protesters from downtown Beirut to nearby hospitals and has treated 200 protesters for minor injuries. 

[22:27] NOW: Riot police have formed a line by the Grand Mosque. Protesters have blocked the entrance of Gemmayzeh street.

[22:09] LBCI: Protesters block Saadiyat highway with burning tires

[21:27] LBCI: Protesters block Khaldeh highway in response to protesters attempting to storm the Grand Serail 

[21:51] NNA: Flames of the fire set by a number of rioters in Riad Solh Square has reached the grass in front of the ESCWA headquarters nearby, NNA correspondent reported. 

[21:47] LBCI: Protesters are smashing shop windows in downtown Beirut

[21:44] Lebanese Red Cross: 30 protesters were transferred from downtown Beirut to nearby hospitals.

[21:39] LBCI: Clashes renewed in Riad al-Soleh Square

[21:33] NOW: Protesters are heading back to Riad al-Soleh Square

[21:26] NOW: Security forces are pushing protesters back with heavy tear gas, block by block. Protesters that are being tear gassed are returning to the streets. Several TV news crews have left the protest.

[21:17] The Lebanese Red Cross reported (via Twitter) that 16 people were injured during today's protest in downtown Beirut.

[21:14] LBCI: Several injuries reported during the clashes in Downtown Beirut, firing of tear gas is still ongoing

[21:05] LBCI: Protesters block Menyeh highway in support of Beirut protesters

[21:02] MTV: Security forces are firing rubber bullets at protesters 

[20:56] NNA: Civil Rights Activist Imad Bazzi declared Sunday that "You Stink" Campaign "is in no way connected with the incidents in Riad Solh Square," and accused "some parties of sending their members to aggravate tension, causing chaos and confusion."

[20:53] NOW: Security forces fire tear gas canisters to break-up protesters

 [20:52] NOW: Machine guns fired after dozens of protesters breached barrier

[20:48] MTV: Clashes escalated injuring many individuals in the ranks of security forces and protesters  

[20:45] NOW: Dozens of protesters have breached the barrier and are beating the water cannon truck with sticks

[20:43] NOW: Protestors have pushed riot police back tens of metres. Many have breached the barrier and are moving toward Serail

 [20:37] NOW: Protesters set fire to a motorcycle belonging to the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Riad al-Solh

[20:36] MTV: Molotov cocktails are being hurled at security forces, no retaliation reported

[20:31] MTV: Infiltrators are burning tires and throwing them at security forces

[20:27] NNA: #YouStink organizers call on protesters to withdraw from Riad al-Solh Square and head to Martyrs’ Square.

[20:15]NOW: Demonstrators dragged barbed-wire barrier a few meters back. Riot police retaliate by firing water cannons at protesters

[20:08] MTV: Protesters and security forces clash in Dowtown Beirut

 [19:50] MTV: A source in security forces affirmed to MTV that no road has been blocked in Saifi area

[19:37] NNA: Several protesters fainted due to use of smoke bombs by security forces 

[19:33] NOW: Protesters are throwing chairs at riot police. Many protesters are leaving the site. 

[19:31] MTV: Security Forces cut off road leading to downtown near Kataeb HQs in Saifi

[19:29] NOW: Single shot fired as demonstrators shake coil of barbed wire, throw bottles, etc.


 [19:27] NOW: Security forces have started using water cannon to disperse protesters in downtown Beirut

[19:13] Al Jadeed TV: Lebanese civil society [groups] in France call on [people] to gather to show solidarity with the You Stink movement next Sunday afternoon on Human Rights Square in Paris.

[19:05] The Union Coordination Committee's (UCC) Hanna Gharib joins the #YouStink demonstration. He calls on all citizens to unite against the corrupt ruling class.

[18:52] NNA: Lebanese Forces Party Head, Samir Geagea, expressed Sunday his solidarity with protesters at Riad Solh Square, voicing readiness "to join demonstrators until the election of a President of the Republic."

[18:49] NNA: Batroun-Tripoli highway has been reopened after being briefly blocked 

[18:41] NOW: "The time for Facebook is over. It's become time for the street."



[6:39] Al Jadeed TV: A sit in to show Solidarity with You Stink's demonstration in central Beirut is taking place in Nabatiyeh.

[18:35] NOW: Slogans chanted by Lebanese protesters:

“The people want the downfall of the regime”

“Down with the rule of the trouble makers”

“We're not terrorists we want freedom”

“The people want the downfall of the regime”

 [18:28] LBCI: Residents block Batroun-Tripoli highway with burning tires in support for Beirut protesters

[18:16] NOW: Thousands of Lebanese protesters in downtown Beirut joined together in singing the Lebanese national anthem.

[17:22] MTV: One citizen sets himself on fire near Sidon Serail in solidarity with You Stink protest  




Protesters in Downtown Beirut (Source: Facebook/Eddy Asmar)

The demonstrations, organized by the Tol3et Ree7atkom ("You Stink") grassroots activist group, began as a response to a weeks-long garbage crisis"