Hezbollah loses commander
in northwest Syria

Jamil Hussein Faqih was killed in fighting outside Idlib.

Jamil Hussein Faqih. (Twitter)

BEIRUT – A Hezbollah field commander has been killed in a Shiite enclave in northwest Syria’s Idlib province, which was overrun by rebels in early June following months of sweeping advances.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Thursday that a “Hezbollah commander died from his wounds, which were inflicted during clashes with [rebels] in the Idlib countryside.”


The report did not elaborate further on where the fighting took place or the full identity of the officer in the Shiite party’s military wing.


However, the South Lebanon news outlet—a pro-Hezbollah site—published a death notice for the commander, who hails from the village of Al-Taire near Lebanon’s border with Israel.  


“With all honor and pride the Islamic Resistance in Hezbollah and the village of Al-Taire [announces] the departure of another of its heroic knights: the martyr mujahid Jamil Hussein Faqih ‘Abu Abdallah’, brother of the Martyr Commander Hajj Ghassan Hussein Faqih.”


“[Faqih] ascended to heaven while doing his sacred jihadist duty—standing up to the mercenaries of heresy and wahhabism in Kafriyeh [Rural Idlib]—after a months-long siege that prevented him from attending his brother’s funeral… the meeting was in eternal heaven.”


The pro-Hezbollah Al-Mulhak news, in turn, said that Faqih was the Hezbollah official in charge of military operations for the two towns of Kafriyeh and Fuaa north of the provincial capital of Idlib.


The Shiite-populated enclave has not fallen to rebels who seized the vast majority of the rest of the province in early June following the collapse of the regime’s salient running south from the provincial capital.


In a March 23 report, Al-Aan television said that Al-Fuaa and Kafriyeh are “strongholds for Shiite militias, both Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”


Hezbollah’s presence in Syria is mainly focused in Qalamoun—where Faqih’s brother was killed last month—as well as regions around Damascus; however the group’s officers have reportedly been involved in regime campaigns in Aleppo as well as outside Latakia.


In early May, reports emerged that Hezbollah had bolstered its presence in Latakia with the official opening of a party office and the conversion of a Sunni Mosque into a Shiite seminary.


The public expansion of its operations in the coastal city—which is a stronghold for the Bashar al-Assad regime—comes as the Shiite party has ramped up its military presence in the area.


Hezbollah reportedly took part in the government’s failed offensive launched in early March 2015 to take the town of Salma, a rebel stronghold approximately 35 kilometers northeast of Latakia.

Jamil Hussein Faqih. (Twitter)

With all honor and pride the Islamic Resistance in Hezbollah and the village of Al-Taire [announces] the departure of another of its heroic knights: the martyr mujahid Jamil Hussein Faqih.

  • allang

    And the hits keep coming, two years ago Hezbollah's only enemy were the Zionists. So, looking at the map... what's the enemy count today. From north to south, you got Turkey on opposite sides with Hezbollah. If the Kurds continue conquering territory they may be face-to-face with Hezbollah in the next few weeks. Of course, the party of God or War [whichever it likes] has made most Sunnis their enemy. Including, moderate Sunni... if there's still anything resembling moderate Sunni in Syria. Then, there are the Druze and the Jordanians, which are completely opposed to the military doctrine of Hezbollah. ISIS have sworn victory over every Hezbollah fighter in existence. Btw, the Zionists are still there, just south in the Golan. So, what's the future for Hezbollah geographically. Pretty simple, surrounded by mortal enemies on every side of the map. Well done Hezbollah... keep up the good work.

    July 3, 2015

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    “... honor and pride ... heroic knights ... the martyr mujahid ...[Faqih] ascended to heaven while doing his sacred jihadist duty...standing up to the mercenaries of heresy and wahhabism.... [meeting] his [deceased] brother… in eternal heaven.” That is enough sublime drivel for any brainwashed illiterate poor soul from South Lebanon to go die for Hezbollah. Shiites used to die for the Communist Party or the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) before Islam became fashionable again.... Now they die for Islam a la Shiite. I wonder what cause will they die for 30 years from now when Islam falls out of fashion. In any case, Hezbollah should have added Zeinab, Hassan, Hussein, and a few imams from the Shiite pantheon to the announcement to make death even more appealing for prospective wannabe "heroic knights". I note that Aoun's FPM did not issue a mourning announcement for Faqih, even though Aoun and his acolytes keep telling us that the martyrdom of the likes of Faqih is what is keeping Lebanon from crumbling under a Takfiri takeover. They are ingrates, these FPM imbeciles. They don't even send their own Christian "heroic knights" to die in Syria.... If not for Faqih, Daesh would be headquartered in Rabieh, for all I know.

    July 2, 2015