Nasrallah: Hezbollah yet to
launch Qalamoun campaign

The Hezbollah chief said that when his party starts its widely-expected offensive, everyone will know.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speaks Tuesday night. (Al-Manar)

BEIRUT – Hezbollah’s leader on Tuesday declared that his party has not yet launched a military campaign in Syria’s Qalamoun, but stressed that his party was moving forward to tackle militants in the border region.


Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech comes amid fast moving military developments along Lebanon’s border, where Al-Nusra Front and other rebels on Monday launched a preemptive offensive against the party amid wide expectations Hezbollah was about to start its own campaign.


“There has been no official statement from Hezbollah regarding” a Qalamoun offensive, Nasrallah said in his hour-long televised address.  


“We did not issue a statement, and we will not issue a statement. When we launch a [Qalamoun] operation, it will be obvious to everyone.”


The Hezbollah chief, however, insisted that the “takfiri” presence along Lebanon’s border threatened the country, and that his party would address the issue “because the Lebanese state is incapable of doing so.”


Nasrallah’s comments come hours after rebels fighting Hezbollah in the border region officially announced the formation of an “Army of Conquest of Qalamoun” coalition meant to replicate the success of the Army of Conquest that turned back regime troops in Idlib.


The new rebel offensive comes amid a flurry of reports that Hezbollah will soon launch its widely-expected Qalamoun campaign in an effort to secure the remote mountainous terrain.


On Monday morning, pro-Hezbollah newspaper Al-Akhbar published a report stating that the party has drawn up an “airtight plan [for Qalamoun] and a large number of [troops have been gathered] compared to the previous battles Hezbollah entered on Syrian territory.”


Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s deputy chief Naim Qassem the next day warned that “the Qalamoun battle is coming.”


Amid a string of recent rebel victories in Syria, Nasrallah also stressed during his Tuesday speech that Hezbollah would not open a front in Qalamoun to boost the regime’s morale following its losses in the Idlib province.


He acknowledged the Syrian government’s loss of the provincial capital in late March and its subsequent defeats to the rebel Army of Conquest coalition in the ensuing weeks in northwestern Syria.


However, Nasrallah said that regime losses were just one round of defeats in a long war and insisted that Bashar al-Assad’s enemies were exaggerating rebel gains as part of a campaign of psychological warfare.


“We are witnessing a psychological war that aims to break down the steadfastness of the Syrians.”

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah speaks Tuesday night. (Al-Manar)

When we launch a [Qalamoun] operation, it will be obvious to everyone.

  • Beiruti

    This is why there is no government in Lebanon. So that this sewer rat can surface every so often and dictate what he will do without announcement other than to say that "we will all know of it when we see it". Is this how a State functions? Does it allow charlatans such as this to maintain a uniformed military force on its sovereign territory, with tanks yet, and to wage war in neighboring states? Does it allow a "party" to so involve the nation in a neighboring war as to expose the state to assault by the neighboring warring party? Well, of course not. Hezbollah is nothing more than the Lebanese version of the IRGC that is searching for a government that will condone its existence in Lebanon as the IRGC is condoned in Iran. This is the template of Hezbollah - it is Iran. Let us drop the charade that HA is a "party" or a "faction" within the Lebanese body politic. It is not. Let us drop the idea of dialogue with this Pāsdārān gang. Lebanon will only be rid of this blight when it is either defeated on the battle field or when Iran decides that it is no longer interested in it. Or, less likely, when the Lebanese in unison voice - Sunni, Shia, Christian and Druze - say Ziede, Enough and all rise up against this Iranian transplant and do away with it, domestically.

    May 6, 2015

  • Petrossou

    My friend Nasrallah, you are finished wjat ever you do.

    May 6, 2015

  • jere.broome

    LOL, Nasrallah lives in a world of his own. Hopefully soon, Lebanon will rid itself of this terrorist narcissist.

    May 6, 2015