Political dynasties Thursday, November 8, 2012 handed down from father to son or daughter at the levels of the presidency, the parliament and ministries. In addition, party leadership tends to stay in the hands of one family, as opposed to the democratic practice of voting in new party heads on a regular basis.

With one year remaining till the 2013 parliamentary elections, Lebanese politicians are prepping their sons to run for office. NOW takes a look.

Political dynasties have long shaped Lebanese political history. The Lebanese place significant value on families, so when voters choose their representatives they tend to look for linage. Children of political kingpins, many believe, represent consistency and stability.

Families such as the Eddes, Gemayels, Chamouns, Karamehs, Franjiehs, Jumblatts and Arsalans have for decades played a role in the country's politics. Power is regularly
NADINE ELALI With months remaining till the 2013 parliamentary elections, Lebanese politicians are prepping their sons to run for office.
  • lamia.abiabdallah

    How about nsome new blood? We are fed up with the same names, same people, same outcome....absolutely nothing!!!! Let's have some changes and start building our devastated country.

    January 9, 2013

  • RBH

    Welcome to the Lebanese form of mafia: the politicians.

    December 18, 2012

  • Pampam

    Your listing missed a lot of names such Gemayel's: Pierre, Sami, Nadim, Solange - Saad Hariri - Nayla Mouawad - Nayla Tueini - Emile Emile Lahoud - Fares Soueid - Henri Pierre Helou - etc......

    December 13, 2012

  • W Fairhart

    Nothing changes in Lebanon... this younger generation of political dynasties being imposed on Lebanon is copycat of the previous ones... They all hate each other and all adhere to the school of thought of their fathers and grandfathers... It is a pity... Their families illicit gotten wealth in most cases allows them the luxury to buy the allegiance of the sheep like voters... There are so many truly qualified individuals among the Lebanese citizenry to lead the country and improve its lot in life but they lack the funds to run for public office or bribe their way into politics.... I have been living abroad for over four decades and returned recently to Lebanon, but I for one will not be voting for any of those losers who are just insulting our intelligence… I am happy voting in American elections where my vote counts…

    December 11, 2012