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10 questions for Noel Jammal

Lebanese Formula driver Noel Jammal

1. What is it you love about racing?

What I love about racing is EVERYTHING, but most of it is the adrenaline you feel when you win a race [or] a championship, or even just getting inside the car and they fire up the engines!


2. How did it feel to win Gold in a Formula 3 race in 2010?
When I won the European F3 Cup in 2010, for me it was the biggest achievement of my life, so it was like I was living a dream.


3. What is the "secret" to good racing?
There is no secret. I think it is like every other sport or job; you need talent, but that’s not enough. The only way to success is by working hard and to make the right sacrifices to reach the top.


4. What's your ultimate goal?
To achieve a seat in an F1 car and win as many F1 championships as I can!


5. What helped you achieve becoming a Formula 3 driver?
My dad. He’s always been very supportive of everything I do. For my 18th birthday I asked him to give me the chance to try a racing car. And I did so well, beating many F3 drivers even though it was my first time on the track, that my coach driver that day, Maria de Villota, asked my dad if I could re-test another circuit three weeks later. And so I did, and I also did pretty well, so the team asked me to race with them that year! And that’s how my career started!


6. What do you do in between competitions?

Train, train, train, and think about the next race! I do a lot of mountain bike and running to stay in shape.


7. Why did you decide to be an “ambassador” for Kunhadi for road safety?
I very much admire what it does to promote safety in a country where there are a lot of careless drivers, and for me it’s an honor to be a part of the Kunhadi family and help promote their projects.


8. How do you stay safe while on a race track?
In racing, a driver just needs to focus on going fast. It’s the engineers of the FIA and the car engineers who need to focus on how to make the car and the circuit safe for us! So I just trust that they are doing their job, and I do mine: I focus on the race.


9. What does is it mean to you to be the first Lebanese Formula driver?
It gives me a lot of happiness and motivation to keep going.


10. Why did you choose to have the Lebanese flag on your race car and call your team "Cedars"?
Because I’m proud of my country, and I want to raise the Lebanese flag in all the circuits of Europe!


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Lebanese Formula driver Noel Jammal (Image courtesy of Mr. Jammal)

I want to raise the Lebanese flag in all the circuits of Europe!"