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10 Questions for Postcards

Marwan, Pascal, and Julie from the band Postcards

NOW: Who are Postcards?


Postcards: Friends with a passion for music.


NOW: How did you get together?


Postcards: Pascal and Marwan are cousins and have been playing together since they were kids. They met Julia through a common friend last summer at a camp.


NOW: What do you like to sing?


Postcards: Other than our own songs, anything indie-folk, from Beirut to Mumford & Sons to Angus Stone to the Fleet Foxes.


NOW: You play some peculiar instruments. How did they come to be in your repertoire?


Postcards: The ukulele was a no-brainer, we already had one and a lot of the folk artists we like use it, and it gives a nice indie feel to the music. The accordion is an old family relic, and we started playing it when we covered Beirut songs, hopefully to incorporate it in our own music later.


NOW: You've released your first song: what was the experience like?


Postcards: It was great, we got a lot good feedback we weren’t expecting. It’s pretty overwhelming to see it now on Indie Shuffle and iTunes. (Listen to it on SoundCloud).


NOW: What has been your favorite moment as a band so far?


Postcards: The Beirut Jam Session experience definitely. We got to open for The Royal Concept and spent a couple of days with them. Also, recording. We love being in the studio.


NOW: And the worst?


Postcards: When 3 strings broke from Marwan’s guitar during a single song once during a gig. Hopefully that’s as bad as it gets!


NOW: What inspires you?


Postcards: Good music, personal experiences, nature.


NOW: Do you ever get discouraged?


Postcards: Of course, it’s natural. It can get very discouraging at times, especially when you realize how hard it is for Lebanese artists to make a name for themselves.


NOW: What's the dream for Postcards?


Postcards: Live and breathe the music – make it our full time job.


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Marwan, Pascal, and Julie from the band Postcards. (Image via Postcards)

"Our dream is to live and breathe the music - make it our full time job.”