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10 questions for Beirut Open Stage

NOW talks to the team behind this musical initiative

The crowd loves Beirut Open Stage
The Beirut Open Stage
A recent gig.

NOW: What is Beirut Open Stage?


Beirut Open Stage: Beirut Open Stage (BOS) is an organization that aims to showcase the best of Lebanon's artistic talents through a series of open stage events/concerts across the country's capital.


Through its events, BOS acts as the middleman between the artists on one side and, on the other side, the audience. It allows for various artists to build a fan base and connect with them on a regular basis through their participation in various themes suggested within each event.


NOW: How is the next event "Beirut Wave One" going to be different?


Beirut Open Stage: Already six months have passed since BOS launched its first event and more than 150 artists have taken the stage since then. It seems logical and essential to the BOS team to arrange a meeting between artists and professionals.


NOW: Who are the experts and what purpose does it serve?


Beirut Open Stage: For this next project BOS has invited a panel of experts made up of producers, art directors, and experienced musicians, as well as other distinguished guests, to provide the artists with the best possible environment, and who knows, maybe even grant them a studio session with an expert in the field of producing.

We’ve got: Zeid Hamdan, the music composer and producer behind some of the most successful bands on the Lebanese and regional alternative scene. Raed el Khazen, graduate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, music composer and producer behind many established and up-and-coming local bands. Eileen Khatchadourian, the first Lebanese-Armenian rock singer and award winner of the ''Best Rock Album'' at the Armenian Music awards in Los Angeles.


NOW: On what will they judge the performers?


Beirut Open Stage: Although we'll have to make a final selection for the 2013 album compilation, the panel will be mainly here to guide the artists, to share their advice, expertise and experience.  


NOW: Who can sign up?


Beirut Open Stage: As the name suggests it's open to any genre and any artist that feels ready to meet a new audience, professionals, and to hit the studios.


NOW: What is the main goal of BOS?


Beirut Open Stage: The main idea behind the concept is to be able to share, encourage, and promote local talent – making them available to a wider public. We're also there to have a good time, give away good vibes and good moods.


NOW: Does BOS follow up with artists beyond the events?


Beirut Open Stage: Yes, BOS is happy every time an artist's name is mentioned in any interview or big event such as Wickerpark, Beirut Jam Sessions, Beirut On the Ground... BOS believes that working as a collective will definitely help in making the artists and the local art/music scene flourish as best as it can. 


BOS is also doing its best to offer the bands/artists the help they need to reach their musical goals. For example we have been able to shoot two music videos ('Sheets' by Safar, 'The Sun Rose' by Charlie Rayne) and record Postcards' first single at TuneforkStudios. 


NOW: What motivates BOS? 


Beirut Open Stage: Over the past few months, Beirut Open Stage (BOS) has witnessed an amazing growth in participating artists and bands. The artistic community was able to expand considerably, new collaborations were created, various audiences were mixed to discover new forms of art/music. We couldn't be happier with these results as they are a testimony to our vision.


NOW: Does BOS ever get discouraged?


Beirut Open Stage: No. How can that happen?


NOW: Some hints as to what to expect in "Wave Two"?


Beirut Open Stage: Ask the artists. They surely know better.



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The crowd loves Beirut Open Stage. (Image via Nadim Kamel)

"We couldn't be happier with these results as they are a testimony to our vision."