Yasmina Hatem

At home, the natural way

At home, the natural way.

About a month ago, NOW introduced Joey and Liza to our readers, a Lebanese couple who left their lucrative corporate jobs in Dubai, to living life at its most basic. After spending three months in Senegal developing a market garden with 20 different varieties of fruits and vegetables that can help feed the entire village of Baback-Serere, they moved back to Canada to begin applying their permaculture lifestyle. NOW toured their home in Montreal, to see how they apply their beliefs concretely. From recycled furniture, to washing their hair with just hot water (and nothing else), and using glass jars as cups, entering Joey and Liza's world is like taking a class in organic living. And that’s before even seeing their backyard!

At home, the natural way. (YouTube video)

"They left their lucrative corporate jobs in Dubai, to live life at its most basic."

  • lebron

    Did not know i would see lebs like this in montreal

    July 8, 2013