Pro-Assad sheikh killed in Tripoli

Sheikh Saad Ghieh lies in a pool of his own blood. (Twitter)

TRIPOLI - Islamic Labor Front member Sheikh Saad Ghieh was killed on Tuesday morning in Tripoli by two unknown gunmen, NOW’s correspondent reported.


The assailants were driving a motorcycle and attacked the Sunni Sheikh in front of his house in the city's Al-Bahsa area, the report added.


Ghieh was transferred to the Lady of Zgharta Hospital, after which security forces deployed at the crime scene.


The Sheikh was close to the Syrian regime and escaped an assassination attempt when a small explosive device detonated underneath his Jeep Liberty SUV in Tripoli's Qobbe in September, slightly injuring him. 

Ghieh also had ties with Sheikh Hashem Menqara, who was arrested in August for concealing information related to the twin explosions that hit the northern city of Tripoli on August 23. However, he was released in September on bail.


Following Ghiyeh’s slaying, Menqara called on Lebanese authorities to reveal the assailants and punish them severely.


He also attributed the assassination of Ghieh to “the inflammatory speeches of some clerics who call for abolishing others.”


“Ghieh was killed by misleading and [wild] gangs. Our fate in the Islamic Labor Front is to always pay a blood tax.”


In turn, the pro-Syrian regime Hezbollah condemned the crime, which it described as “monstrous,” and blamed it on fiery rhetoric.


“This heinous act is a natural result of the instigating speeches that some parties are delivering in Tripoli and other regions,” Hezbollah said in a statement released later in the day.


The Shiite group went on to praise Sheikh Saad Ghieh, who it claimed “spent his life defending the word of truth and the choice of resistance as well as calling for the unity of the Muslims.”

Sheikh Saad Ghieh lies in a pool of his own blood. (Twitter)

The assailants were driving a motorcycle and attacked Ghieh in front of his house in area of Al-Bahsa.