Hazem Al Amin

Gebran does not like the Resistance

The relationship between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement has something tragic to it which no one has heeded during the constant and floundering process of evaluating this relationship. Analysts were keen to depict Aounism as a Christian space rented by Hezbollah as per a contract with penal provisions, which is only partly true.

In truth, Christians are not the only ones who have incurred damage as a result of this contract. Shiites were also its victims, specifically those who are the closest to the Hezbollah society or the “Resistance public,” as its theorists refer to it.
As per its contract with the Aounists, Hezbollah sacrificed the dignity of those it claims to represent on the altar of the price offered by the Aounist in the Memorandum of Understanding. One merely has to read the signs recently written by the Aounists in Achrafieh in order to prove this claim. “Is there any occupied building that does not pay electricity bills in Achrafieh?” This is one of many slogans denoting a low IQ, an equally limited imagination and a total lack of sensitivity vis-à-vis those who are supposed to be “allies.”

Furthermore, Aounism and its low IQ have proven unable to make a difference between the Amal Movement and Shiites for instance. Aounism is the regular, stupid sectarianism, albeit less malicious than similar kinds of sectarianism. This specific breed is characterized by a short memory, a quick response and the inability to develop a point of view based on two elements. The Amal movement is observing a sit-in at Electricité du Liban, so the Shiites are accused! There is no intelligence to help establish a difference between the Amal Movement and Shiites, and no memory to remind that the Amal Movement is an “ally.”

This test of the alliance’s solidity and “substantiality” comes within the framework of taking up the defense of the “Republic’s son-in-law” Gebran Bassil, the Energy man whose integrity forced him to take his wife—i.e. General Aoun’s daughter—out to celebrate her birthday due to the power cut at home, as he told the Lebanese people.

A protest staged by the FPM in Achrafieh in support of “our son-in-law” (which occurred coincidentally one day prior to the assassination of “Syria’s son-in-law” Assef Shawkat) saw the Aounists use their usual “supremacy” gear in which they take pride vis-à-vis their allies, as acknowledged by March 8 media outlets when Hezbollah portrayed them as an unveiled woman and a “modern” young man visiting Dahiyeh and actually liking the “Resistance public.”

When put to the electricity test, the Aounists revealed that they quit liking the Resistance. This test showed how stupid we are, as we did quit “liking the Resistance” following violent private and public experiences, including – for instance – “theoretical storming” and illusions, veering away from the left, growing convinced that there is another direction to the conflict and adopting stances vis-à-vis regimes. The Aounists are doing so with surprising agility. They stopped liking the Resistance following a mere dispute with the Amal Movement with regard to EDL hourly-wage workers … Hezbollah, in turn, was not amazed by this transformation, as it realizes that the issue was never a matter of essentials. Indeed, he who “likes” something so easily will just as easily stop liking it, and will revert to it following an even easier settlement.

In this flurry of contradictions, one will not hold one’s ally accountable for its using a cheap, tacky rhetoric in a passing moment of adversity. In fact, it is alright to make light of people’s dignity due to the need for an ally that consolidates one’s regional function.

This article is a translation of the original, which appeared on the NOW Arabic site on Thursday August 2, 2012