NOW News is seeking bloggers

NOW is looking for talented writiers

NOW News is interested in providing a platform for talented writers who can blog regularly and knowledgeably on various topics, ranging from politics and economy to social issues, entertainment, culture, trending topics, lifestyle, etc.


The NOW blog aims to challenge the way people read and think about issues in and around Lebanon. The objective of the blog platform is to deliver fresh and daring content that will encourage open dialogue between people, groups, and communities, regardless of their views.

We believe that the most interesting bloggers are those who are waiting to be discovered. An ideal blogger will possess the following set of qualifications: Ability to produce material on a regular basis; the ability to choose topics/pitch ideas; add value to the blog through good and unique content; has a strong voice/style, is creative and has impeccable research skills.


For more information, please contact: Ranya Radwan at rania.r@mercury.me.

NOW is looking for talented writiers