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Marc Chagall at Carrières de Lumières

An immersive show portraying the works of the unique artist Marc Chagall  (Image via carrieres-lumieres.com)

With the tunes of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s “Summertime” playing in the background, paintings of Marc Chagall covered the walls and ceilings of a rocky cave at the Carrières De Lumières. The Russian-French artist’s fans could turn their heads in all directions only to find his sculptures and mosaics. The exhibition presented Chagall’s artwork from the starting point of his career until the end.


Carrières De Lumières broke the norms of art exhibitions; offering visitors the chance to view the paintings and touch their background, while listening to harmonious music. “It was an incredible experience, capturing the audience’s attention with the immersive setting,” said Maya Eid, a remarkable Lebanese artist.


This experience instilled life in two of Chagall’s art phases. The 20th century artist designed circus costumes, a phase which inspired some of his paintings. As they occupied the cave’s walls and ceilings, a very upbeat melody put the visitors in a festive mood. The acrobats swung in midair as the clowns performed tricks.


In addition to his collaboration with the circus, Chagall also worked with Opera Garnier in Paris by redesigning their ceiling. His painting depicted composers such as Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and most importantly Bizet. At the Carrièrs De Lumières, the projections of the opera onto the walls of the cave made the audience feel like they were at the Opera Garnier. When the display changed to “L’amour est un Oiseau Rebelle,” Bizet’s opera “Carmen” was played in the background. The painting covered the entire cave giving it the immense feel it deserves.


Marc Chagall (1887-1985) a Russian-French artist passed through several artistic phases, including painting, sculpting, mosaics, Broadway costumes and book illustrations for La Fontaine. The diversity of his work made him a unique artist, and as a result his artwork was the focus of the show at the Carrièrs De Lumières.


Carrières de Lumières is a site in Baux De Provence where digital shows are projected. One day, this site came to a closing till a man named Jean Cocteau discovered its beauty and used it to shot scenes for his movie. This triggered the interest of others, especially in 2012, when Culture Spaces decided to use this place for immersive exhibitions.


Since then it has become the site for showcasing the artwork of famous artists, such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and most importantly Chagall, the first painter to have a whole show focused on his work.


“Carrières de Lumières succeeded in attracting people to their shows even when unfamiliar with the artist. At the end of their amazing display, the audience develops an interest in the painter,” said Maya.


Such exhibitions differ from normal art shows, since visitors gain experience from an immersive show with artwork flying around. Carrières de Lumières and Culture Spaces did an amazing job in portraying Marc Chagall as the one of a kind artist that he is.


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An immersive show portraying the works of the unique artist Marc Chagall (Image via carrieres-lumieres.com)

  • joel

    Curious how the artist's identity is limited to being Russian-French. He happened to be Jewish.

    November 29, 2016