Elham Rizk

Ever-growing disdain

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Where is our new government?


Nothing will change if half of the truth is on the other side of the spectrum. It seems that the newly elected president, General Michel Aoun and appointed Prime Minister Saad Hariri are novices to politics.


Preaching about change does not mean achieving it. Preaching about transparency does not mean reaching it.


So why do we keep on fooling ourselves by falling into the “emotional” trap. This has blinded us from the obvious truth that politicians, who have been single-handedly deciding our fate, are worthy of nothing but disdain.


This everlasting disdain has been perpetuated by their actions, thinking, and ill-fated shortcomings. The question is, where are we now?


No cabinet has been formed yet; and regardless of the cause of the delay, the question is, why is the effort being obstructed? The answer is, no matter who is responsible for the obstruction, because they can. They allow themselves to obstruct and they just do it.


What are we observing: Absolutely nothing; trash talk and poor journalism with faint and hidden messages.


What do we want: The truth. Nobody dares to tell us, we the people, what is going on.


You get the feeling that the elite cannot relate to the feelings of normal citizens and do not want to understand them.


Why is it difficult to come forward with the reasons that are delaying the formation of the new cabinet?


Friends have criticized me for naming politicians in my articles. Honestly, I never understood why we should shy away from pointing out what we think is wrong.


We expect the executive branch in Lebanon to do what it is expected to do. Regardless of who is in office, the president and the prime minister are obliged to deliver; otherwise they are politely asked to relinquish their power.


The ever-growing contempt for Lebanon’s political elite is turning into disgust. Here lies the danger of losing faith in all public establishments.

Image via Pintrest