Elham Rizk

Remember me: A revolution is on its way!

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Immobilism is on the move; stagnation is progressing. Whether or not the elite are responsible for that status quo is no longer relevant.


The anti-elite movement that is starting to shake up the political and social order as we know it has been brewing for years and now is the reckoning!


The unlettered folk, defended by so-called right-wing political inclinations, first appeared in the philosophical writings of Rousseau in 1751. That self-defined struggle of an outsider against the elite has become a social phenomenon in our days (Rousseau came from a poor family, but passed away relatively rich!!)


The elite, at their own peril, have ignored the voice of the people. We, the proletariat, do not need traditional media outlets to voice our opinions for us anymore. The platforms provided by technological advancements have been pivotal and phenomenal in transforming the socio-political landscape everywhere in the world.


We the people….


The moral superiority adopted by the posh elite has undermined their hold on the politico-economic facets of our society. Alienated individuals began organizing themselves, not in the physical or organisational sense of the term, but rather by unconsciously shaping their thoughts and their disdain toward the elite.


And as such, alienated citizens reconstructed themselves as fiercely sovereign and firmly rooted patriotic people. Come Election Day, they will turn the tables around. That is what is happening in modern democracies.


How are we faring in Lebanon? Nobody knows. With the election of General Michel Aoun to the highest office, one would have expected that he would stick to his rhetoric of transparency and efficiency in expediting national affairs with a completely different approach.


The reality is hitting hard. He is no different, so far at least, than the worst traditional politician Lebanon has known through the years.


Would this lead to a revolution in our way of thinking? A radical shift? Do not bet on it.


Our clan, like the governing structure, inhibits our critical thinking, and we the people are to blame. We do sense that our political elite are primed to fall, but we are scandalously unable to find viable alternatives. Shame on us.


I was wrong when I said: “Revolution is on its way.” It is goning the other way.


We are still hiding behind a very thin veil. What a waste! 

(Image via universiteforaine.com)

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    Nice ideas, but when the elite itself (with the pretense of being well read) pretends to speak on behalf of the proletariat, there's a stench of bigotry that wafts out of it. Also, your English is a bit "copy-and-paste" translation of Arabic. "Remember me" (تذكرني or تذكر للي عم بقولو) is a direct translation from Arabic. If you want to sound like the prophet you think you are, you should say "mark my words", or "remember what I'm saying".... Nothing personal. I don't know who you are. But in this piece and previous gems on this page, you come off as phony upper class lecturing the rest of us wretched proletarians. I wish NOW would attach the biography of its contributors to their journalistic oeuvres so we can tell real from fake.

    November 18, 2016