Ranya Radwan

Lebanese gunmen kidnap Syrian woman in Bekaa

Image via Annahar

Abeer al-Jaaour, a Syrian national, was recently kidnapped by Lebanese gunmen in the Bekaa valley. She was abducted by non-other than Mahdi Nazha, a repeat kidnapping offender. The 30-year-old Mahdi Nazha (also known as “Mahdi Allah”) is from the Bekaa village of Nabi Othman and has a reputation for kidnapping young women at gunpoint and forcefully marrying them.


According to an article published by Annahar, Abeer was in the company of her mother and sister when a black BMW pulled over and two gunmen forced her into the car. Abeer was supposed to travel to Turkey on October 28, to meet her husband who resides in Sweden.


Since her kidnapping, nothing has been done by security forces to secure the release of Abeer, despite knowing where she is being held captive—reports claim Abeer is being tortured and held hostage by Nazha’s mother. Furthermore, Nazha allegedly has political cover, which is why he has never been arrested for his crimes and is probably the reason security forces have not done anything. I’m guessing since she is a Syrian national, they care even less about her and won’t make any effort to rescue her.


What a pathetic country we live in! A country where security forces allow armed gunmen to run wild and let them get away with anything, because they fear them. I mean, the man kidnapped a 15-year-old girl from a schoolyard playground, and then, a few months later, shot her father and tried to kidnap her again. How can our government allow this man to remain free and continue to kidnap young women, and minors? When I first heard about the kidnapping, I was shocked; the whole story was unbelievable. But then, I remembered that I was living in Lebanon, the land of corruption and injustice, and I couldn’t help but feel sad and hopeless.


Something needs to be done. No one should have to go through what Abeer and her family are going through. How can people continue to live in such a chaotic and corrupt country? How will Lebanon develop and advance, if it is overrun by criminals who are never punished or arrested for their atrocities?

Image via Annahar

What a pathetic country we live in!"