Loran Peterson

Chris Brown will feel right
at home in Lebanon

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Riding to work this past week I’ve had the unique displeasure of seeing Chris Brown’s vapid face no less than six times a day. Posters of the American pop star adorn the highway under Sassine Square announcing that he’ll be performing at BIEL on 29 July.

Que lindo, as my Argentinian friend used to say when she meant the exact opposite.

While I doubt anyone will much care, before racing off to buy Virgin tickets for an exciting night of puerile, corporate idiocy, please do remember that Chris Brown was convicted of felony assault for beating up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. Call me self-righteous, but even if Chris Brown was actually talented, I would refrain from helping the bastard recoup his losses after the fallout of this unforgivable misogyny.

But that’s me, and I realize how futile writing this blog post actually is given Lebanon’s propensity for beating women. In fact, over the weekend I (again) had the pleasure of listening to one such woman get beaten by her drug-addicted, deadbeat husband, all the more lovely because the culture of shaming in Lebanon silently stipulates that neighbors shouldn’t call the police when presented with clear evidence of violent abuse.

In light of that, I imagine Brown, who has been barred from entering both the United Kingdom and Canada on grounds related to his domestic violence charges, will find Lebanon a warm and inviting place. Maybe he’ll even relocate to Beirut. Take that, Angelina Jolie!

And here’s to you, Virgin, for standing out from the crowd and deciding that profits are much more important than using your enormous clout in the entertainment industry to say to young men and women the world over that you cannot beat your partner and still be a successful pop icon.

Anyway, enjoy the show, everyone. While you dance to Brown’s utterly uninspired beats and listen to him drivel about Cartier and whale sex, try not to think about the fact that you could have been listening to a real artist, like Killer Mike, who actually has something intelligent to say, if only someone had thought about it properly.

Intelligence in pop music? What an idea!

Loran Peterson is the features editor at NOW News. He’s so embittered he actually wrote about Chris Brown in a public venue.

PS – Brown is also playing in Israel. Just fyi. What a trooper.

Image via www.ticketingboxoffice.com

I imagine Brown, who has been barred from entering both the United Kingdom and Canada on grounds related to his domestic violence charges, will find Lebanon a warm and inviting place."

  • Just a typical arab

    My criticism was not that you are from another country, my criticism was that you stereotyped one nation for domestic abuse. As you are obviously an educated man I'm sure you would agree with my comments to some extent. My comments were far from " bunk" . In my opinion the denial of worldwide abuse in every form is what is bunk. I am in no way condoning any form of abuse from any human being my purpose was to relay the mere fact that it is not monopolized by Lebanon and Lebanon should not be the only country scrutinized for allowing or glorifying celebrities or politicians or athletes or business people with violent histories.

    August 10, 2015

  • Loran.Peterson

    Well, I did mention Israel. That counts for something here, doesn't it?

    October 12, 2015

  • Just a typical arab

    I have 2 questions for you. First which country does NOT have a propensity for beating women? And second which country has the propensity for rape and child molestation of others and their own!! I can tell you for damn sure it isn't Lebanon. Maybe you should look out your own window and perhaps your self-righteousness will diminish somewhat when you realize domestic abuse is worldwide but the rape and molestation of ones own children is monopolized by countries that you think so highly of

    August 1, 2015

  • Loran.Peterson

    Just a typical Arab, I think highly of no nation on Earth - I just happen to be living in Lebanon. And the insinuation that my coming from another country undermines the legitimacy of my criticism is pretty bunk here - Chris Brown is an American and, unfortunately, so am I. I was hoping Lebanon would show a better face than my country does. Alas not.

    August 7, 2015