There are no red lines for the Lebanese
army, Hezbollah MP says

Hezbollah’s Loyalty to the resistance bloc MP Ali Fayyad stressed that there are no red lines that the Lebanese Armed Forces cannot cross.


“There are no red lines that the army cannot cross and it must address all security outposts trying to stir unrest and strife,” the parliamentarian told Akhbar al-Yawm news agency on Wednesday.


Fayyad also said that “Dahiyeh and any other areas are open for the army with no limitations, and proof of this was demonstrated by what happened on Tuesday in Dahiyeh’s Lailaki.”


On Tuesday afternoon, fighting renewed between the Zeaiter and Hajoula clans in the Lailaki area of southern Beirut’s Dahiyeh suburbs.


Local media reported that rocket propelled grenade (RPG) rounds were being used in the clashes; however, according to the Red Cross, nobody was injured in the fighting.


Later in the afternoon, the National News Agency reported that the army intervened in Lailaki and began to pursue the gunmen.


However, Future television reported on Wednesday that clashes between the rival clans have renewed.

Dahiyeh and any other areas are open for the army with no limitations.