Sami Gemayel calls for investigating government’s spending

Following March 14 MPs’ walk out from the parliamentary session, Kataeb bloc MP Sami Gemayel called for the judiciary to investigate the government’s spending.

Lebanese Forces bloc MP George Adwan also called for “legalizing issues [related to government spending],” adding that such an action does not mean “overlooking corruption.”

“March 14 parties will not overlook holding accountable [those responsible] for any mistakes in the field of public funds,” Adwan also told reporters.

According to the National News Agency, most March 14 MPs walked out from the session because “the issue of the $11 billion was not linked to that of the 8.9 trillion L.L.”

In 2010, the Finance Ministry rejected accusations that $11 billion in past government spending has gone unaccounted for.

It added that the $11 billion spent outside the state budget from 2006 to 2009 was legal and based on financial norms, including the Public Accountancy Law.

During its Thursday session, the parliament was expected to look into adopting a draft law on allotting the cabinet 8.9 trillion L.L. as extraordinary expenses for 2011.

-NOW Lebanon