Lebanon facing existential crisis,
Suleiman tells support group

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman warned before the International Support Group for Lebanon that his country was facing an existential crisis as a result of the increasing number of refugees on its soil.


“The number of refugees coming from Syria to Lebanon has reached unprecedented figures… this increasing burden is now representing a real existential crisis due to its security, economic and social repercussions,” Suleiman said on Wednesday evening during the inaugural meeting of the International Support Group for Lebanon.


The support group meeting, organized by the United Nations, aims to discuss ways to provide Lebanon with support in its effort to tackle the issue of the large influx of refugees from war-torn Syria.


According to the meeting’s agenda, the group’s goal is to provide “a platform of support that points to the commitment of the ongoing unified international community  to support Lebanon’s stability and its policy of disassociation, as well as its state institutions.”


In his address, the Lebanese president outlined the purpose of the group’s work and the support it aims to provide.


“It is, on the one hand, a message of exceptional political and moral support for Lebanon during these difficult and dangerous circumstances.”


“On the other hand, this meeting points to the international determination to provide systematic material and financial support for Lebanon.”


Suleiman also pointed out the need for working on maintaining stability in Lebanon, deepening democracy and consolidating the political system, as well as fighting terrorism and devising a national defense strategy.


The president finally thanked the members of the group, adding that he hoped that the international effort to “encourage preventive democracy and peaceful resolution of struggles, such as the struggle in Syria” would continue.

This increasing burden is now representing a real existential crisis due to its security, economic and social repercussions.

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    Suleiman is merely begging for money that the Lebanese corrupt rulers will end up pocketing themselves. That is the sad state of affairs in Lebanon. Suleiman is the President of a country that for 40 years has been unwilling to control its borders and has in fact surrendered its sovereignty over its territory to the Palestinians (PLO, PFLP, etc.), Syrians (Syrian army and associated paramilitary groups from the late 1960s to the present time, including the infamous Hezbollah terror organization), Israelis (multiple invasions, retaliations and occupations), and others. Suleiman himself was a Syrian puppet for much of his career as Army chief and president. If Suleiman and his Hezbollah government are unwilling to act like a sovereign state and government, they should be ashamed to beg the world for money to help them with the Syrian refugees, and the world should be very reluctant to help and insist on strict conditions that the Lebanese State declare its official neutrality (like Switzerland), send its army to every inch of its broders, and eliminate ALL paramilitary organizations from operating outside the law. Lebanon descended into the chaos in which it lives today because of the failure of the State to shoulder its sovereign rights and duties. As long as the State does not rectify this anonmaly, no one should give aid to the beggars, thieves, and corrupt officials that make up the bulk of the Lebanese State, government and institutions.

    September 26, 2013