LAF arrests alleged Nusra
Front members in Arsal

The National News Agency reported that the Lebanese Armed Forces apprehended five people in possession of uniforms carrying the Al-Nusra Front logo in Beqaa’s Arsal on Sunday.


The state news agency said that the arrested men were of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian origin, and that they were attempting to infiltrate Lebanese territory toward the deserted mountainous regions in Arsal.


The NNA added that the purported militants of the Al-Qaeda-linked group were in a white van when they were stopped by the Lebanese army.


The Al-Nusra Front is an anti-Syrian regime militant group associated with the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization. The group’s allegiance to Al-Qaeda has raised criticism from a number of Syria’s Islamist rebel brigades, and tensions between Al-Nusra and other rebel groups have already boiled over once.

The arrested men were of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian origin.