Hariri: Nasrallah is contradicting himself

The Future Movement leader said that Hezbollah’s fighting alongside the Syrian regime was a criminal act.

Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri slammed as “contradictory” the speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during a ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the end of the 2006 July War.


“I cannot comprehend how a responsible man could contradict himself so much and move from advocating self-restraint to announcing his readiness to personally go to Syria [to fight],” Hariri wrote on the social networking site Twitter on Saturday.


Commenting on the explosion that ripped through a residential neighborhood of Beirut's Dahiyeh, Hariri said that it was “an ugly crime.”


“But Hezbollah’s war in Syria is equally a crime,” he added.


“Hezbollah interprets terrorism according to its own interests.”


“If Hezbollah wants to fight takfiris, it should first discuss the issue with the Lebanese and not unilaterally wage war in the interest of [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad.”


The Future Movement leader also said that by pointing the finger at takfiri forces, the Shiite group’s leader was following in the footsteps of the United States prior to the invasion of Iraq.


“This logic of Hezbollah reminds me of the logic of the Americans during the invasion of Iraq under the pretext of the presence of weapons of mass destruction.”


“The US [forces] withdrew from Iraq and went back to the US, since Iraq is not its neighbor. Where will Nasrallah withdraw to? He is laying the foundations for a tense neighborhood with the new Syria.”


Hariri also said Nasrallah’s speech was paving the way for more involvement “in the Syrian fire.”


“Wasting the blood of the Lebanese in such a manner is pitiful.”


On Friday, Nasrallah blamed Islamist extremists for the string of security incidents targeting his Shiite party in recent months and warned that if bombings continue, “Lebanon will be on the edge of the abyss.”


He further said that “all information points to the same groups” as being responsible for Thursday’s massive car bomb in Dahiyeh that left at least 22 people dead.

Hezbollah interprets terrorism according to its own interests.