Geagea calls for non-interference in Samaha case

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea called in a statement on Friday for refraining from interfering in the case of the arrest of former minister Michel Samaha.

“We call on those who are interfering in this case to [stop meddling in the work] of the judiciary, and to let the judicial and security authorities conduct their investigations calmly and surely,” the Central News Agency quoted Geagea as saying.

He added that refraining from interfering in this case was crucial “due to the positive effect that the results of the investigations would have on the trust that the Lebanese citizens put in their state.”

The LF leader also called on Lebanese President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Naijb Miqati to work on preventing meddling in the affairs of the judicial and security bodies in the country.

Lebanese security forces on Thursday arrested Michel Samaha, a former information minister considered close to Syria's embattled regime, in a case linked to explosives, a senior official said.

His arrest was connected to a seizure of explosives that were to have been used mostly in northern Lebanon, a region of tensions linked to the conflict in neighboring Syria, the official told AFP.