De Freige: Hariri-Jumblatt ties never break

Future bloc MP Nabil De Freige said on Thursday that the relationship between Future bloc leader MP Saad Hariri and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt has not ended despite political disagreements.


“The ties between Hariri and Jumblatt have their ups and downs, but they are never broken,” De Freige told the Voice of Lebanon (100.5) radio,


However, he said that the phone call that took place on Wednesday between Jumblatt and Hariri “has no political significance.”


Jumblatt had telephoned Hariri to check on his health.


Tension rose between Future bloc MPs and the PSP after Jumblatt accused the Future bloc and the March 14 coalition of intervening in the Syrian crisis before Hezbollah did.


“In the beginning, The March 14 coalition decided to boycott Hezbollah for issues related to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and then they boycotted it for its weapons and [decided] not to participate in national dialogue. Now they are maintaining the same [stance] under the pretext of Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria, knowing that they began intervening in the crisis before [Hezbollah], starting with [MP] Okab Sakr [coordinating assistance to Syrian rebels] and the [assistance sent from] North Lebanon,” Jumblatt told As-Safir newspaper last week.


Jumblatt also accused the March 14 coalition of “betting on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s fall, and that they can make a revolution with money.”


As a reaction to Jumblatt’s statements, Sakr released a statement accusing him of changing his stances “to please others and satisfy his political [swinging] mood, which distinguishes his auspicious political career.”


Also, Future bloc MP Ahmad Fatfat also said that his party can no longer understand Jumblatt’s logic, and accused the latter of joining the March 8 coalition.

The phone call between Jumblatt and Hariri has no political significance.