Syria receives returning refugees

Soldiers and ambulances outside Arsal. (AFP PHOTO)

BEIRUT – Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Kaim Ali said that the issue of returning Syrian refugees from Arsal, who were stuck at the Masnaa border crossing, has been resolved.


“Appropriate residences were found for them inside Syrian territory,” Ali said on Saturday.


Several hundred Syrian refugees, who had been sheltering in Arsal, crossed back into Syria on Friday following clashes between the Lebanese army and militants who had entered the town.


Some 1,700 refugees set out from Arsal on Wednesday after a ceasefire between jihadists and the Lebanese military, following clashes that began on Saturday.


They arrived at the Masnaa crossing on Thursday, but were unable to cross because of administrative difficulties, including a lack of identity documents for babies born in Lebanon.


The departure appeared to be the first time a group of refugees has left Lebanon en masse to return to Syria.

Soldiers and ambulances outside Arsal. (AFP PHOTO)