Army arrests IS fighters'
parents, terror suspects

BEIRUT - Lebanon’s Army Intelligence arrested a group of people in the Beqaa town of Labweh and a husband and wife in the town of Nabatiyeh in South Lebanon on suspicion of plotting a terror attack and for connections to the recent fighting in Labweh’s neighboring town of Arsal respectively.


The husband and wife were arrested late on Thursday, after a raid on the building where they reside in Nabatiyeh’s Hayy al-Maslakh, because their two sons fought with Islamic State militants against the Lebanese Armed Forces in Arsal, the National News Agency reported on Friday.


Meanwhile in another raid late Thursday near Labweh’s state school a group of people was arrested on suspicion of planning to carry out acts of terrorism, according to a separate report by the NNA.


Calm prevailed on Thursday in Arsal, after Islamist militants withdrew overnight from Arsal and redeployed along the border with Syria, following five days of fierce fighting that left at least 15 Lebanese army soldiers dead.


Syrian Islamists stormed the border town on Saturday afternoon, hours after an Al-Nusra Front commander was detained in the area.