Future bloc calls for army
deployment in Tfeil

BEIRUT - The Future bloc called for the deployment of the Lebanese army in the Beqaa town of Tfeil, and condemned the control of Hezbollah and the Syrian regime troops over the town.


“The Future bloc condemns the control of the Syrian regime’s army and the illegal arms of Hezbollah over the Lebanese town of Tfeil, after they displaced its residents,” a statement released by the Future bloc on Wednesday read.


The bloc also called on the cabinet to take the necessary measures “so that the army and the security institutions assume the protection of the town and ensure the return of its citizens.”


“The bloc also asks the Lebanese cabinet to take a clear stance through the Foreign Minister regarding this rejected aggression [of the Syrian army],” the statement added.


The bloc’s statement also called on the cabinet to carry out its work normally, amid void in the president’s seat, in order to manage the affairs of the citizens and the country and face the security and economic challenges.


On Monday, NOW’s correspondent reported that the Syrian regime and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah have tightened their grip on the border town of Tfeil which led more than 100 families to flee towards the Beqaa’s Arsal.