Food, medical aid reaches
besieged border town of Tfeil

BEIRUT - A convoy bringing food and medical aid reached the besieged border town of Tfeil on Tuesday, accompanied by security forces, Lebanese broadcaster LBC reported.


Tfeil residents told LBC that they had erected checkpoints to prevent militants entering the area, and noted that there were five wounded individuals in the town, one of whom was Lebanese.


Meanwhile, Higher Relief Council acting chief General Mohammed Kheir denied there was an armed presence inside Tfeil, stressing that "all parties have agreed that aid should be delivered to the town and there is full coordination between the [various] security [divisions.]"


Later Tuesday, Lebanon's state National News Agency quoted Kheir as saying that the food aid delivered was "sufficient for 40 days.” 


The NNA added that Security forces had transferred ten wounded people - nine Syrians and one Lebanese - to the Farhat Hospital in Beqaa’s Jeb Jennine and Al-Manara Hospital in the Western Beqaa.


A wanted man, identified as Lebanese citizen Fawzi Hussein Dekko, was also arrested.


Interior Minister Nohad Mashnouq announced Saturday that a plan had been drawn up to help Lebanese citizens leave Tfeil via a safe route.


Over 4,000 Lebanese citizens and 10,000 Syrian refugees were besieged in the border town, and lived without supplies of food, electricity, shelter, or aid for four months.

The food aid delivered is sufficient for 40 days.