Obscure Sunni group claims
Beqaa rocket attacks

BEIRUT - A militant group calling itself Free Sunnis of Baalbek claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on the Shiite town of Brital in the Beqaa Valley Tuesday.


“A [clandestine] group from the Free Sunni Brigades, as part of [a] series of coming [victories], fired two rockets of the rafida [Shiite] town of Brital,” the group said in a tweet.


Hezbollah officials, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, and Al-Nusra Front have all voiced doubt on whether the Free Sunnis of Baalbek is a real group.


Earlier Tuesday Lebanon’s state National News Agency reported that two rockets fired from Syrian territory landed in the outskirts of the village of Hourtaala near Brital, without causing any damage or injuries.


A subsequent NNA report said a third rocket had landed near Brital, also without causing any damage or injuries.

The attacks did not cause any casualties or injuries.