Qahwaji: Army's war
on terrorism continuing

BEIRUT - Lebanese Armed Forces commander General Jean Qahwaji said that the Lebanese army's war against terrorism in Lebanon is ongoing.


“The war against terrorism and terrorists continues…There will be no leniency with the terrorist groups or with any [environment] that would make a safe haven for them,” Qahwaji told As-Safir newspaper.


Qahwaji also voiced his relief over the latest measures of the army in towns bordering Syria.


The army commander also said that a plan must be put to end the clashes in Tripoli.


“The army will never hesitate to protect the residents of Tripoli with no exception, but the solution is not [by shedding] blood, but by putting a military-security-developmental comprehensive plan [for the city] and by putting an end to sectarian incitement.”

There will be no leniency with the terrorist groups.