Gemayel says new cabinet incapable
of making significant changes

BEIRUT – Kataeb party leader Amin Gemayel said that the newly formed government will not be able to resolve Lebanon’s numerous security, economic and social problems.


“We know perfectly well that this cabinet will not do miracles given all the difficulties and contradictions,” Gemayel said on Sunday during a press conference in Mount Lebanon’s Bekfaya.


“This government will not grant all the people’s wishes,” he added.


The Kataeb chief went on to praise Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri for his efforts that led to the formation of the cabinet.


“Hariri made sacrifices to reach this result in the cabinet formation issue.”


Gemayel also noted that the Kataeb party “facilitated the formation process and participated in the cabinet.”


He stressed, however, that his party “will not be at all lenient when it comes to the [cabinet’s] ministerial statement.”


“We are at odds with Hezbollah, but we will confront them on the cabinet’s table.”


After almost eleven months of bickering, a new unity cabinet was announced on Saturday.


The cabinet included all Lebanese parties, except for the Lebanese Forces, which maintained its stance against participating in a cabinet that includes ministers representing Hezbollah.

This government will not grant all the people’s wishes.