Jackie’s pictures were
taken by German prince

BEIRUT – The controversial semi-nude photos of Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun were taken by a professional Mexican athlete of royal German descent.


Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe-Langenburg - a professional skier, businessman, and pop singer born in 1959 - was the photographer on the 2011 photo shoot of the Lebanese athlete, the Al-Balad newspaper reported Thursday.


It added that Hohenlohe has always represented Mexico in skiing competitions, despite also holding passports from both Germany and Liechtenstein.


The Mexican-German athlete phoned Chamoun on Tuesday, and told Reuters that she “may regret having posed” for the pictures, but “she cannot be upset with me” as Hohenlohe said he was not responsible for the circulation of the photos on the web.


He went on to defend Jackie, saying that the images were "not that heavy…They're very elegant and serene."


Chamoun is currently representing Lebanon at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The controversy began when Al-Jadeed television published a behind-the-scenes video of an Austrian ski calendar shoot, which featured risqué photos of Chamoun and other athletes.

Chamoun has received both criticism and praise on social media outlets for her decision to participate in the shoot, but has been defended by media rights groups and even  Lebanese politicians. The controversy has received attention in press outlets around the world, and a Twitter campaign has been started in her support. She has since apologized for the photos and video.

Chamoun may regret having posed for the pictures.