Ski Champion controversy
reaches global audience


BEIRUT - The controversy surrounding Lebanese Skiing star Jackie
Chamoun, which started after Lebanese TV station Al-Jadeed published a
behind the scenes video of a semi-nude photo shoot she did three years
ago, has reached global audiences.


World famous publications including the UK newspapers The Telegraph,
The Daily Mail and The Independent, and The Huffington Post and ABC
from the US as well as the BBC, France 24, CNN, and Aljazeera among other names.


Several of the articles mentioned the #StripForJackie Twitter campaign
in support of the skier.


The Telegraph mentioned that although Chamoun apologized for the
offense caused to her more conservative supporters, more liberal
Lebanese had started a social media campaign to support the young
athlete, mentioning the #StripForJackie hashtag and showing several
photos posted by Lebanese Twitter users.


Meanwhile The Daily Mail posted the behind the scenes video from the
original calendar photo shoot alongside an article on the controversy.


The Independent covered the main points of the story including a closeup picture of Chamoun, this time in full ski dress.


The Huffington Post and ABC published similar stories to The
Independent, both using an agency source and showing pictures of
Chamoun competing in ski events.


The article published on the BBC’s website featured a section on the reaction of Lebanese media, quoting caretaker Minister of Sports and Youth Faisal Karami, who called on the Olympic committee to launch an investigation. It also cited some of the replies to Karame’s statements by prominent Lebanese newspapers, citing  Al-Akhbar’s “Leave Jackie’s Ass Alone” and As-Safir’s “Apologize to Jackie.”


France 24’s article noted that most of the online reactions to the video and pictures were cheerful and tended to support Chamoun. The article went on to mention the #StripForJackie hashtag, where both the public and politicians have expressed their support for the skier.


CNN’s article showed pictures from the topless photo-shoot and quoted a Lebanese activist group, popular bloggers, and social media reactions.


Aljazeera’s article “Lebanese slam focus on Olympian's topless photos”, recapped the main points of the story, and added responses in support of Chamoun posted on Twitter.

Lebanon's Jackie Chamoun. (AFP/Fabrice Coffrini)

World famous publications including the UK newspapers The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and The Independent, and The Huffington Post and ABC from the US as well as other major names all covered the story.