Jumblatt criticizes Hariri for
rejecting 9-9-6 cabinet formula

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt criticized Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri and the March 14 coalition for rejecting the 9-9-6 cabinet formula backed by Hezbollah.


“March 14’s demands became limited to rejecting the blocking third share in the cabinet, and Hariri is not reading the developments well, which are going against our interest in the current period,” Jumblatt’s visitors quoted him as saying in remarks published Wednesday by Ad-Diyar newspaper.


Jumblatt also reportedly said that the March 14 coalition “should keep pace with the resistance [Hezbollah] until a new reality appears on the international level.”


“March 14 has lost the battle and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has reinforced his position, and will remain in power,” Ad-Diyar quoted the PSP leader as saying.


The paper also noted that Jumblatt accused Hariri of not being flexible with his policy.


“March 8 is capable in any way to obstruct the country, while Hariri is clinging to his stance without taking in consideration that he, his allies and we have lost the battle, and we better join the cabinet to manage the country’s affairs, until new balances appear,” Jumblatt said.


In mid-October Hezbollah officially backed Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt’s proposal for a government that gives both March 8 and March 14 nine ministers each, while centrists would have six. March 14 has not accepted the proposal as the cabinet formation process enters its seventh month with no end in sight.


On Monday, Nasrallah said that Hezbollah was “advising” the March 14 alliance to join a cabinet under the auspices of the 9-9-6 formula, adding that the situation in Syria would not turn in favor of March 14, which opposes the Bashar al-Assad regime.


“March 14 made failed bets since 2005 and now you are betting on Syrian events, and today I tell you that these bets have also failed.”


“We [currently] accept the 9-9-6 formula [for cabinet formation], but when conditions change we might no longer accept it; take advantage of the opportunity,” the Hezbollah chief added in a speech.

Hariri is not reading the developments well, which are going against our interest in the current period.