Protesters stop removal of
Bsharre illegal amphitheater

The supporters of former MP Gebran Tawk tried on Tuesday to prevent security forces from removing an illegal amphitheater that was built adjacent to the cedar forest in the northern town of Bsharre, MTV reported.


The protesters also stoned the security forces.


The controversial amphitheater was built to celebrate the wedding of Gebran Tawk’s son, William.


The Culture Ministry had ordered to stop work on the amphitheater, which according to environmentalists would cause harm to the cedar trees.


However, MP Gebran Tawk pledged to remove the amphitheater after the wedding, which took place near the forest.


Tawk’s press office explained the step and claimed that security forces were removing the amphitheater at the request of the Lebanese Forces party.


“Our supporters took to the streets to protest,” a statement released by Tawk’s office read.


Meanwhile, Lebanese Forces MP Setrida Geagea called on the security forces to continue removing the construction violations near the Cedars Forest.


“We, along with the overwhelming majority of Bsharre residents, back the security forces and ask them to carry on with their task,” Geagea said in a statement released later on Monday.

Our supporters took to the streets to protest.