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New Syria Kurdish unit
vows to "fight PKK"

The Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigade took an Islamist tone in its opening declarations.

Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigade announces its formation. (YouTube)

BEIRUT – A small group of Kurdish fighters have formed a new fighting group that vows to battle both the Syrian regime and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) affiliated with the main Kurdish military force in northern Syria.


The Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigades announced its formation Monday, saying in a video statement that it aims to "defend our people in Syria in general, and the Kurdish people specifically."


In a subsequent text statement on its Facebook page, the little-known group explained that it aims to fight the regime as well as the PKK, a reference to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its People's Protection Units (YPG) troops that exert de-facto autonomy in Kurdish-populated regions of northern Syria.


The group used Islamist terminology in its opening statement, a striking contrast to the secular ideology of the PKK and its YPG-affiliate.


"We hope all Muslim Kurds join the Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigade in order to fight the Majus regime and their PKK dogs," it announced, using the pejorative term (majus) for Iranians.


It also called the PKK a "majus" party as well as "infidel," a reference to the Marxist-inspired creed of the PKK and its leader Abdullah Ocalan.


A fighter for the Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigade—who hid his face in the group's video statement—said that the unit's fighters hail from the Kurdish-populated Afrin canton north of Aleppo, which has been the site of previous battles between the YPG on one side and Islamist and other rebel fighters on the other.


"The Kurdish people are Muslims. You [YPG] made us distant from Islam and the words 'La Illahu ila Allah'(The Muslim religious tenet 'There is no God but God')," the masked fighter added.


The Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigades claimed that the Kurdish National Council (KNC) umbrella organization "promised the support of weapons and gear."


The KNC was formed in 2011 with the backing of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani in a bid to check the influence of the PYD in northern Syria.


However, the KNC failed to make any inroads in the region despite a 2012 power-sharing initiative declared in Erbil, and exerts virtually no influence on the ground.


The KNC has made no official statement on the newly-formed Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigades, which remains shrouded in mystery.


Meanwhile, the pro-rebel Enab Baladi outlet cited sources as saying that the Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigades is a revival of the Kurdish Ezedi Brigades, one of a number of small pro-Free Syrian Army units active around Aleppo in the early months of the Syrian uprising.


The Ezedi Brigades, which was formed in 2012, disappeared from the scene by early 2014 when the PYD declared Afrin one of the then three autonomous cantons of northern Syria.


Amin Nasr translated Arabic-language source material.

Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigade announces its formation. (YouTube)

We hope all Muslim Kurds join the Kurdish Revolutionaries Brigade in order to fight the Majus regime and their PKK dogs.

  • dutchnational

    These socalled kurds are so kurdish that they communicate in arab? However, anybody is free to organise themselves. Were they to attack the SDF, all twenty of them, the SDF will be very frightened. This announcement is like an announcement some months ago of a similar group nobody ever heard of again. SDF is mostly sunni also, however, their religious feelings are private and not forced upon others.

    May 31, 2016