Hezbollah mourns
top commander

Hassan Hussein al-Hajj was killed over the weekend in northwestern #Syria.

Hassan Hussein al-Hajj. (image via Al-Akhbar)

BEIRUT – A leading pro-Hezbollah newspaper has published a short profile of Hassan Hussein al-Hajj, a top commander killed in Syria fighting over the weekend.


“[Hajj] was one of the most prominent leaders of the resistance, and one of those in charge of the front line facing the Israeli enemy,” Al-Akhbar said in article published Monday.


Reports emerged Saturday that Hajj, also known by his nom de guerre Abu Mohammad al-Iqlim, was killed in a battle against rebels in Idlib. The Hezbollah officer reportedly led the party’s military activities in northwestern province.


The Hezbollah commander, who was 40-years old, was born in the southern village of Aramata and resided in the nearby town of Louaize.


Al-Akhbar’s eulogy said that Hajj was a “column” of the party’s military wing and its top official in the Iqlim al-Tuffah border region.


“[Hajj] was the commander of the resistance in Iqlim al-Tuffah for seven years, thus his nickname of ‘Abu Mohammad al-Iqlim’.”


“During the six years that followed [Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon] in 2000, [Hajj’s] efforts focused on strengthening the confrontation line with the enemy, becoming more aware of its movements and tactics.”


The report lauded the Hezbollah commander’s “high capabilities” in operational planning, further praising him for “excelling” in the 2006 War between Hezbollah and Israel.


“He was one of the columns of confrontation in that war,” Al-Akbhar said.


The newspaper’s eulogy also said that “despite the frequent absence from his home, as well as security conditions, [Hajj] didn’t stop his permanent quest to live his life like any other ordinary person.”


“He continued his education at the Lebanese University and urged those who were close to him to complete their studies.”


Hajj is the latest Hezbollah commander to be killed in fighting in Syria. In early July, the commander of the party’s operations in a Shiite-enclave of Idlib died from wounds suffered in clashes with rebels.


Hezbollah has also lost dozens of its fighters in its most recent military campaign in Zabadani, which began in July and came to an end in late September following a complex ceasefire.

Hassan Hussein al-Hajj. (image via Al-Akhbar)

[Hajj] was one of the most prominent leaders of the resistance, and one of those in charge of the front line facing the Israeli enemy.

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    Did someone move Idlib from northwest Syria all the way to south Lebanon? The web of the "conspiracy", like God, moves in mysterious ways. But the Shiite clergy understand how God thinks and operates. Al-Hajj was killed for reasons he himself did not understand: He had faith. In fact, Hezbollah is now fighting side by side with the Russians who are working side by side with Israel with the goal of not impeding Israel's freedom of flying the Syrian airspace. In other words, Hassan Nasrallah and his Shiite sheep are coordinating with the Israeli enemy. Live and learn.

    October 12, 2015

  • cigev

    Dream on Petropussy

    October 12, 2015

  • Petrossou

    How could he be facing Israel if he died in Syria fighting Syrians? One less thug to put in jail when the time comes, and it is coming Russians or no Russians...

    October 12, 2015