Leading Iran general
killed in Syria

Hossein Hamdani led the suppression of Iran's Green Movement in 2009-2010.

Hossein Hamdani. (image via IranNewsUpdate.com)

BEIRUT – A top Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commander who oversaw the operations of the elite Quds Force in Syria has been killed in fighting against ISIS.


“IRGC commander General Hussein Hamdani was martyred last night,” Iran’s semi-official Fars News reported Friday morning.


The report cited a statement from the IRGC’s public relations department as saying that Hamdani had been killed by “members of the ISIS terror group” in Aleppo’s northern outskirts.


“General Hamdani played a crucial role in defending the… Sayyeda Zeinab shrine… and providing support to the Islamic resistance front in its war against the terrorists in Syria,” the statement added.


ISIS in recent days has renewed its offensive outside Syria’s second city and seized the Infantry School northeast of the city from rebel groups, moving the extremist group closer to regime positions in the provincial capital.


Iranian news outlets didn’t go into details on the death of Hamdani, who is considered one of the IRGC’s leading generals and the country’s top military advisor in Syria.


In May 2014, Hamdani boasted in an interview with Fars News that Iran had “built a second Hezbollah in Syria.”


Hamdani—who commanded the IRGC’s Rassoulollah Corps responsible for security in Tehran—played a key role in the Iranian government’s suppression of the Green Movement protests that rocked Iran between 2009 and 2010.


Both the European Union and the US slapped sanctions against the Iranian general for “human rights violations.”


In a 2014 article, The Wall Street Journal said that Hamdani was a “recognized authority and strategist in Iran for fighting separatist movements and guerrilla urban war.”


“Hamdani is an expert in how to fuse the operations of regular forces with militias. This is how he succeeded in Tehran,” a US defense official told the newspaper.

Hossein Hamdani. (image via IranNewsUpdate.com)

General Hamdani played a crucial role in defending the… Sayyeda Zeinab shrine… and providing support to the Islamic resistance front in its war against the terrorists in Syria

  • Beiruti

    Here is the irony of events in Syria. Russia has entered the theater like a bull in a china shop. This is a very complex zero-sum game going on between the FSA/Nusra on one side, Assad/Iran/Hezbollah on the other and ISIS which is in a tactical alliance with Assad in opposing the FSA/Nusra Front. When Russia goes in, as it has, and attacks the FSA/Nusra forces and takes them off the field, allegedly as a means to assist Assad, who fears the success of this faction more than he fears ISIS, this not only helps Assad, but it helps ISIS. On those static fronts, such as in Aleppo where the FSA/Nusra are opposing ISIS, Russia, by attacking FSA/Nusra, has actually aided ISIS so that they may advance on what was once a static front. And who strategically fears ISIS more than anyone?? Iran. And so this big Iranian general is killed and Iran is an ally with Russia to prop up Assad. So Russia by fighting against the ground forces that confront ISIS is actually working against Assad's erstwhile allies, the Iranians. It will not be long before Russian boots are on the ground and Russian blood is in the mud.

    October 9, 2015