Mufti: Lebanon satirist defamed Islam

Charbel Khalil. (image via LBC)

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s grand mufti on Wednesday called for Charbel Khalil, the producer of LBC’s Basmat Watan satire program, to be charged with inciting religious strife for a message on Twitter lampooning "sexual jihad."


Sheikh Abdul Latif Deryan—the country’s top Sunni cleric—called Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi to request the latter to “mobilize the Office of the Public Prosecutor in connection with what Khalil published on his twitter account,” Lebanon’s state National News Agency reported.


Deryan said that Khalil’s tweet “incited religious and sectarian strife, damaged national unity, and soured serenity between the nation’s components,” and pointed out that these actions are covered by “the provisions of Article 317 of the penal code.”


The LBC producer, the grand mufti added, had insulted “the religion of true Islam” with his tweet. 


Khalil last week tweeted a message—since deleted—saying “Sexual jihad under the cover of the prophet??” accompanied with a picture of a veiled woman sitting on a bed with sheets emblazoned with the “shahada,” Islam’s declaration of faith. 


Charbel Khalil tweet. (Twitter)

Charbel Khalil's tweet deemed offensive by Lebanon's grand mufti. (Twitter)


Deryan expressed his hope that the Office of the Public Prosecutor would “implement the necessary legal procedure against Khalil… to preserve civil peace, and [prevent] insults to religious beliefs and incitement of civil strife.”


Meanwhile, Rifi promised to the mufti that he would follow up on the subject, the NNA reported.


Lawyer seeks charges


Lebanese lawyer Tareq Chindeb, who represents a number of Islamist prisoners, also announced he was seeking charges against Khalil.


He said in a statement Wednesday on Twitter that he was taking legal action “on behalf of himself and more than seventy social and religious personalities, civil society organizations, human rights organizations and humanitarian groups” against Khalil.


The statement said Chindeb was pursuing his case with the Office of the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Cassation and seeking charges of “inciting sectarian strife, encouraging sedition, insulting religious practices, and insulting the Prophet.”


The lawyer called for “Khalil to be arrested, brought before the competent judiciary and punished in to the full extent [of the law].”

Lebanon's grand mufti is seeking judicial action against Charbel Khalil. (image via LBC)

Deryan said that Khalil’s tweet incited religious and sectarian strife, damaged national unity, and soured serenity.

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    How come Deryan and Chindeb and their hordes of ultra-sensitive radical Islamists are not outraged when the same flag (shown as a bedcover in Khalil's tweet) is flown near beheaded innocent people, dead children, enslaved and prostituted women and children? Or is Khalil just an easy target? There is nothing in the picture shown in the tweet that defames Islam. The woman is fully clothed. There is no picture or drawing of the prophet. There is only a justified critique of the Sunni DAESH's practice of forcing women and children into prostitution as the sexual component of Jihad. Is Deryan defending DAESH? Worse, is Deryan defending the practice of forced sexual enslavement of women and children as a Muslim practice?

    February 19, 2015

  • يسترجي

    You must hating your life in Lebanon really... 99% of daesh's victims are sunni muslims, all the raids on Daesh are paid for by sunnis and about half of them even carried out by sunnis and to you it is daesh that represents sunni islam? You definitely have issues...

    February 19, 2015

  • Hanibaal-Atheos

    شو جاب طز لمرحبا.... What does it matter if Daesh's victims are or are not Sunnis. That is not the point I make. I did not say that Daesh represents Sunni Islam. I merely reflected on why someone like Deryan feels it necessary to defend Daesh when Charbel Khalil was criticizing Daesh. You either don't read before reacting like Pavlov's dog, or you love Daesh and the religious establishments. Do you have an opinion on whether neanderthals like Deryan and Chindeb are justified in criticizing an innocent and justifiable tweet by Charbel Khalil against Daesh? Or do you salivate every time someone criticizes your own tribe?

    February 20, 2015

  • يسترجي

    You obviously are mentally challenged... Good luck putting up with life..

    February 21, 2015