About us

NOW is the online source for news, features, analysis and much more, covering Lebanon, the Lebanese diaspora and the Middle East. We deliver content with fresh ideas and bold expressions. Words are not enough. We use all mediums without inhibitions, with the following in mind:

- Our readers’ trust is essential. We do the utmost to deliver with objectivity, professionalism and the highest standards of accuracy and quality. Insight, balance and creativity are at the center of all our endeavors.

- We are independent and nonpartisan, but definitely not neutral: We do not tolerate violations of human rights, integrity, or the sovereignty of individuals and states. We speak out, and we do so loudly.

- Our guidelines are clear-cut: There are no taboos in politics, social or cultural issues. Our goal is to break them all - professionally, responsibly and with style. Our only enemy is censorship, and we strive to avoid lame, dull and mind-numbing ideas. We seek inspiration, and we try our best to provide it.

- We’re not talking to; we’re talking with our audience. Most of our content is interactive, and readers are encouraged to communicate with us at all and any times. New media is not about the few imposing ideas and opinions on others. It’s a global interaction where the end-goal is understanding and inspiration.

We look forward to this kind of communication. Welcome to NOW.